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Our volunteers are awesome, and we wanted to give them a huge shout out, so check out the November issue of The Carbon Valley Consumer Report, and The Carbon Valley Independent.


Help our Lion's make their mark!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for the Miner's Day 5k, FUNdRun, BookFair, and conference meals!
Your hard work truly paid off, and we so appreciate you!

Volunteer with us!
As a PTO we come together to provide a funded and fun educational experience outside of the classroom. Without volunteers our fundraising efforts and fun events can not take place. We understand that you have a busy schedule (we do too) but finding the time to help out where you can is important to our students opportunities to learn and grow! It also is important for you to know that we appreciate even a little bit of your time. You may only be able to help with one event or activity but even this little bit of volunteering goes a long way! We do always accept feedback to help us learn and grow as an organization too so if you have questions, concerns, complaints or gratitude you would like to express please e-mail us at pto.legacy@gmail.com