Legacy students collect sponsor pledges from family & friends to run/walk a

track at the school. There are no individual prizes; grades celebrate their accomplishments as a class. Teamwork is the focus!  The day of the run, all students are given a FREE FUNd Run t-shirt to kee

FUNd Run


During school hours, starting as early as 9:00 am on Friday September 21, 2018. Closer to run day a schedule will be provided with specific times for each class/grade level.  Where: Legacy Elementary in the grassy field next to the main parking-lot. You will not be able to miss it.  [😉]  We invite family & friends to come out and cheer on the students. They enjoy showing off their skills to their loved ones. Feel free to bring chairs and/or umbrellas for your comfort. 


The FUNd Run is Legacy's most profitable fundraiser. Since starting this event in 2015, we no longer ask families to sell items to help raise funds.    

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We are excited to announce our primary fundraiser for the 2017-2018 school year--the Legacy FUNd Run! Legacy students will run or walk around a track
at school during the school day on 9/22/17. The track will have Mist arches, a 
DJ, encouragement signs, water, popsicles, and more. Each grade will run at different times during the day so that no class is disrupted too much. All students will receive a free t-shirt and race bib that are theirs to keep.

How it Works
Students can ask friends, relatives, and neighbors to sponsor them and are encouraged to collect what they can. We will be stressing teamwork at this 
fun event. There are no individual prizes--grades will get to celebrate their accomplishments as one. 

We would like to assure families that 100% of the money raised will stay at school. In order to do this, the PTO is soliciting community organizations and companies for donations to help pay for the event. Such companies will be recognized for their generous help.


Students collect pledges from family & friends. The pledges are Per Lap ran or a Flat Rate amount. Each individual sponsor dictates the amount they wish to pledge and if they wish to do so Per Laps ran or a fixed Flat Rate. **Keep in mind, students run an average of 18-21 laps. Example: This would make a per lap pledge of $1 total $18-$2.


Legacy Elementary PTO provides the school with funds throughout the year.  PTO helps cover the cost of: Field Trip Bus Transportation / Educational programs requested by Teachers  /  New Books for Classrooms  /  Classroom supplies  /  Materials for the Health Clerk  /  Technology Replacements  /  Schoolwide community building Events (i.e. Talent Show, Spring Event)   …...and much more!