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Legacy has partnered with some great organizations to receive funds for items you already purchase from places you already shop at! 

If you shop brands such as Cheerios, Ziplock, or Kleenex, to name a few, than simply

clip the "box top" logo and have your kid bring it to school.

​​When shopping brands, stop by King Soopers and use your $5 re-loadable Legacy Scrip card and we get a percentage back on your groceries!

​​We also participate in "Milk Caps for Mooola"  where every cap from a Longmont Dairy glass container can go right in the big container in the lobby of our school, and we get paid for collecting them!

Order Mabel's Labels for school supplies, home organization or anything else you want to personalize and select Legacy Elementary Frederick. For every purchase you make, Legacy gets a portion of the proceeds! 


​Online shopping? We have partnered with Amazon Smiles and all you have to do is select the charity of Legacy Elementary school in your settings and the school gets a percentage of your purchase!

​Next time you go to Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe, tell the cashier to but your points towards Legacy Elementary and earn our school Bunny Bucks!